Storytelling from Boris Gleb

Storytelling from Boris Gleb

in Norwegian only

In the summer of 1965, a stone’s throw from the «Skafferhullet» border crossing point, Galina Zakharova worked as an interpreter in the enclave of Boris Gleb. That summer, she welcomed guests from Sør-Varanger, who through curiosity or the promise of cheap booze, converged on this unique visa-free zone.

For the Barents Spektakel, we have invited Galina to step back in time with us and share her firsthand accounts from this incredible summer. Along with Galina, we have invited firsthand sources from Sør-Varanger to weave their own reflections into this unique time in border history. Maybe you have your own story about Boris Gleb? All are welcome to contribute to this informal storytelling session.

Storytelling from Boris Gleb is arranged in collaboration with The Barents Institute / UiT, whose researchers, Stein Roar Mathisen and Bjarge Fors will guide us through the conversation.

Thursday 13th Feb
11:00 - 13:00
Boris Gleb 2.0