Double Concert Saturday: Bigbang (Oslo) / Iva Nova (St. Petersburg)

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Iva Nova

St. Petersburg

Six years after their previous release, Bigbang is finally back with their new album «Glory Chord». With their latest release, Bigbang cultivates what they are best at – catchy rock and amazing live shows.

The power trio in Bigbang has become a force to be reckoned with in Norwegian rock music, with catchy guitar rock and engaging live performance. Today’s crew consists of Øystein Greni (guitar and vocals), Olaf Olsen (drums) and Nikolai Hængsle (bass).

Iva Nova is a quartet of Russian rock’s coolest women offering a mix of modern rock and ethnic music with jazzy details and hints of electronica. Their powerful sound connects rural restlessness with urban insanity.

Each of their songs is a small story, where they experiment with electronics and transform the sounds of live instruments with the help of modern technology. Iva Nova steps away from the standard form of a song, and in doing so, lets their imaginations fly free.

Iva Nova is not only a frequent participant in different multi-genre festivals, but a bright representative of Russian culture abroad.

Saturday 15th Feb
kr 390,-