Double Concert Friday: Opphav (Tromsø) / Poexxxali (Moscow)

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The rap duo Opphav are a mix of slam-poetry and acoustic hip-hop with folk and old fisherman’s songs from the north.

Opphav has in recent years become known for atmospheric and engaging concerts with lyrics covering everything from life and love to reindeer husbandry, oil drilling in Lofoten and fisheries policy. The Tromsø based duo is guitarist
Louisa Palmi Danielsson and slam poet and rapper, Nuorta. Their interaction creates a magical poetry and music experience that is out of the ordinary. The result is a peculiar combination of humour, satire, fishing boat romanticism and fierce protest songs.

Artists of the Republic of Darkmenistan.
Accidental conversations of intertwined new-wave, hip-hop, synthy-pop and electro.
“Sounds Like drinking vodka from the bottle to stay warm while staying the night in a rave haunted by well-meaning but spooky Soviet ghosts” (c) Highsnobiety.

Friday 14th Feb
Boris Gleb 2.0
kr 200,-