Book Presentation with Kjartan Fløgstad

Book Presentation with Kjartan Fløgstad

in Norwegian only

Since his 1977 breakthrough novel «Dollar road», Kjartan Fløgstad has been a cornerstone of Norwegian literature.

In 2019 came his latest book «Due og Drone». Fløgstad, at his literary best, tells the story of the liberation of Finnmark, making a thorough account of the lies and deceit in Norwegian post-war history. One of the book’s many stories begins in the tunnel in Bjørnevatn. There, a woman sits with a newborn baby close to her chest. The portrayal of Kcenia Nyslåttbuktmo, her life in darkness and light, is truly poignant.

We meet the author in conversation with Knut Kristoffersen from Sør-Varanger History Club.

Friday 14th Feb
Boris Gleb 2.0