The Portal: trial version – Circumambulation Collective

Circumambulation Collective
The Portal: trial version

The artist from Circumambulation Collective designed a portal to their home city of St Petersburg that functions as a hyper-local game in the cityscape of Kirkenes.

When you dive into the game and through the Portal, you have the opportunity to cross borders skipping border guards and controls completely. Your ideas and images of time and space are challenged; as is your own imagination.

Choosing a character in the game decides the route that you will follow. Along your journey, you collect your character’s attributes and find the keys that open the portal.

Unfortunately, at present, the Portal exists only as an incomplete trial version; as most governments and heads of state have not accepted such a relaxed attitude to border crossing or cultural exchange. The artists therefore encourage all festival guests to test out this version of the portal and hope that the experience of radical hospitality will affect the way one views «the other».

12:00 - 15:00
Sør-Varanger library (second floor)